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Why Fluf?

A better bag: functional, durable, healthy + safe.

Ten years ago, we smelled a problem: lunch bags that stank - literally. They weren’t washable and, even worse, were loaded with toxic chemicals that have no business being anywhere near a kid's lunch. Clean and simple: we knew we could make better bags.

Fluf Luf 🤍

Fluf started with a dream of creating beautiful pillows, made from the best materials (hence, 'Fluf'). Our quest to find the 'best materials' - meaning safe, beautiful and sustainable - ultimately led us down a path of creating our own, and an entirely different journey began.

We now weave, print and dye all of our own fabrics, and make organic cotton bags - simple, useful bags that are better for you, and the planet. They are sustainably made in every way, always machine washable, and designed to make your life easier.

We hope you like your Fluf bags as much as we enjoy making them.

Nathalie Butterfield
Co-founder + Managing Director

5 Questions.

What’s unique about Fluf?

We’re a values-led company, driven to create fun and functional products that look great and make our customers happy. We’re equally committed to ensuring that our products are sustainably and ethically made, as well as healthy and safe for humans and the earth.

We’re also 100% women owned and operated (which shouldn’t make us unique, but unfortunately it does!).

Why choose sustainability?

Because it’s possible. There was no other way. We always felt that, if we were going to put products into the world, we had to do that as responsibly as possible. It has been an integral part of our business DNA from day one.

What motivates your process?

Unhinged creativity! The ability to imagine something - and then make it happen. There is a misconception that non-toxic, eco products need to look and feel ‘beige’. It’s super inspiring to run counter to that and create bright, playful products out of the safest, most sustainable materials available.

Why organic cotton?

It is our fabric of choice for SO many reasons. It’s beautiful, incredibly durable, natural, renewable and biodegradable. It’s grown without pesticides, making it safer for you (and the planet). It produces less CO2e and uses 91% less water than growing conventional cotton. And did you know that organic cotton makes up less than 1% of the world's global cotton production? We can go on, and on!

What do you value most?

A great product that brings value to those who use it, and doesn’t take value away from people or the planet. But one that doesn’t take itself too seriously, either.

How it started + how it's going.


It all began with a pillow.

Friends and co-founders Nathalie Butterfield and Terra Kushner shared a vision for creating a niche retail destination for beautifully designed pillows. But not just any pillows.


We searched high and low for the right materials.

Notorious as the textile industry was - and is - for its heavy reliance on toxic chemicals, we wanted to make pillows entirely from natural and sustainable materials - like organic fabrics and a biodegradable corn fill (no easy task in 2006!).


We printed our own fabrics locally in Toronto.

We came up dry in the department of beautiful, sustainable fabrics. So we decided to print our own. We printed 10 yards (enough to make 20 pillows) in our home town of Toronto, on an organic hemp base fabric.


Suddenly, we had too much fabric.

We were hooked. Within a year we had ten unique prints in different colours, and we needed to find new ways to use up all that extra fabric. We started with handbags, and then a small cotton lunch bag, and then ....


The Fluf lunch bag was born.

We saw a future improving lunch bags for our kids and yours. A practical, organic, washable, non-toxic lunch bag.


The reusable movement was taking off.

With litterless lunch gaining momentum in schools, we were now adding reusable, washable snack bags to the mix.


Goodbye pillows (and Terra!), hello revolutionary bags.

Around this time, we made our last pillow (sniff), and Terra returned to her roots as an interior designer - but is ever-present in spirit. We continue evolving and testing new products and better materials.


We became Climate Neutral Certified.

Many things have changed since day one, but our commitment to organic, natural, and sustainable materials has never waivered. In 2022, we are proud to acheive Climate Neutral certification and join 200+ brands making a difference.

Bags without the baggage.